Biohazard Mercenaries
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1. member interaction
i.No aggressive trolling. Joking is fine as long as it's not offensive or cruel.
ii.Constructive criticism is allowed, but if you don't have anything kind to say, simply don't say it.
iii.No belittling PC/Reunion/3D videos for any reason; specifically PC regarding FPS, spawns, or keyboard/mouse setup.
iv.Each act of trolling can warrant a warning and the post(s) will be removed.

2. accounts
i.No duplicate accounts.
ii.If your account is suspended, and you are caught using an alternate account, you will be IP banned.
iii.Name changes are permitted every 3 months with the user's new name being announced in the Bulletin forum.
iv.We do not delete accounts, but we can hide your account and remove all of your information associated with it.

3. misc
i.No obscene photos permitted, but photos of b00bs are usually allowed.
ii.Do not abuse the Karma system, it is monitored by moderators. If you continue to abuse, we will ban you from using it.
iii.The Versus section has it's own forum rules and moderators.

4. warning system
i.Verbal warning
ii.1st warning ~ 1-4 week ban
iii.2nd warning ~ 1-2 month ban
iv.3rd warning ~ permanent ban (member is suspended or IP banned with small chance of return)

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