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Author Topic: solo AR SS strat by johnny k,  (Read 776 times)
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« on: October 31, 2009, 03:07:24 AM »

AR is very easy.
1) Start in the upper region. Drop your weak guns and run to the archer.
2) Jump of the bridge on the right side and run straight to the 90 sec timer. Get both hand grenades and the vase for extra items.
3) Run back to the 30 sec timer under the bridge..then the minute timer straight ahead.
4) Run south to the 90 second timer. Get the flash for mutations and the fixed green herb and random item vase on the way if you like(its not that important and it might take up too much space.
5) Now go downstairs to the 30 second timer passing the torch majini. After it, climb up the stairs to the middle and get the two nades and 30 sec timer.
6) Go straight ahead from the nades then make a right getting a 30 second timer. Turn around and head straight all the way down looking for the chicken to kill and to get the 30 second bonus.
7)  head into "waterworld" and get the 90 second bonus and the green and red herb(much better alternative to the fixed green herb we passed before. Now head to the chest and start gathering enemies. If you have a weak gun, you can weaken the giant majni but do not kill him yet, or any other majini.  
8)Once they are all there, usually with a wave of archers that wont go all the way, get the chest and blow them all up. Kill the giant majini then start killing the archers and keep killing until combo time runs out. For duvalia mutations throw a flash and make sure its hotkeyed. Pick up any stuff and head to the next area.
9) The next chest is the one that is behind the other starting point. open the chest and run around waiting for enemies to come. Once they are ready. Get the chest and explode to killing streak. Its harder to keep the combo this time around.
10) get the last 30 second bonus behind the wall east of the last combo time. Then start gathering enemies to the chest north of the 30 second timer. Open chest and then explode to killing streak. If there is a giant majini weaken it and kill after a combo. Never have the giant majini as the first kill.
11) once you are done there head to the next chest east, where the 90 second timer was. Gather and kill.
12) final chest is at the starting point. You might not even need it but you know what to do. A good way to get there is to jump off the second floor in the middle part and run up both flights of stairs. any way is good. Variation to make things easier for certain characters!In  step 8 "waterworld" Once you kill the giant majini and get the chest going you don't need to end the combo there. You can kill until 43 standing in the corner next to the combo bonus. Enemies will come nonstop and there is a large distance making them easy to kill. Make sure you kill the archers with a nade or something so they dont snipe you. If you lose the combo just continue with the route as normal. Or if you kill every single enemy just continue as normal. Good luck!

 wait there's more nvm!!
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